A brief visual spin through some of my past projects as a Creative Producer.



Australia Day in the Park, [Dandenong, VIC] 2012 and 2013: MAJOR MUSIC OUTDOOR EVENT: Creative Director/Event Manager

Greater Dandenong Children’s Festival, [Dandenong, VIC] 2012: MULTI-ARTS, MULTI-VENUE EVENT: Creative Director (Inaugural Event)

Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation Winter Arts Market, [Melbourne, VIC] 2012: ARTS AND CRAFT MARKET: Event Producer

Platform Hip Hop Festival, [Sydney, NSW] 2009-2011: MAJOR MUSIC, DANCE, VISUAL ART, MULTI-VENUE EVENT: Executive Producer

Sydney Children’s Festival, [Sydney, NSW] 2009-2011: MULTI-ARTS, MUTLI-VENUE EVENT: Festival Director

Merrigong Theatre Company, [Wollongong, NSW] 2008: THEATRE: Thieves Like Us by Marcel Dorney: Director & AV Director

Campbelltown Heritage Festival, [Campbelltown, NSW] 2008: FILM: When The Pipers Play: Director/Producer

Merrigong Theatre Company, [Wollongong, NSW] 2007: THEATRE: The Bracket Creeps in Borderline Poetry Disorder: Director & Multi Media Designer

Merrigong Theatre Company, [Wollongong, NSW] 2007: THEATRE: Van Park: The Musical by Greg Appel: Director & Script Development

Young People Speak Out, [Edinburgh, Scotland] 2003-2005: FILM: 28 Short Films Produced in my capacity as Community Development Officer: Producer/Editor

West Lothian Theatre, [Livingston, Scotland] 2004/2005: MULTI –MEDIA THEATRE: The Tempest by Shakespeare: Visual and Multi Media Director/Designer

secondUNIT Productions, [Livingston, Scotland] 2004/2005: DOCUMENTARY FILM: The DYT (Life in the Alternative): Producer/Director

Scottish Screen/First Light/Streetwork, [Edinburgh, Scotland] 2003/2004: FILM: Dinnae Mind Us: Director/Camera and Script Development

Brunton Youth Theatre, [Musselburgh, Scotland] 2003: THEATRE: The Devil’s Carnivale: Writer/Director

McAtamney/Dawson Productions, [Brisbane, Qld] 2002/2003: FILM: Crying Wolf by Josh McAtamney: Director

Woodford Folk Festival/Better Than Nuthin’, [Woodford, Qld] 2002/03: THEATRE: Spoonface Steinberg by Lee Hall: Director

La Boite Theatre, [Brisbane, Qld] 2001: THEATRE: The Pitchfork Disney by Philip Ridley: Director